Anyone from Florida? Just Chat Forward to friends

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    Hey, I'm new to this site, I signed up a while back but haven't been on till now. Just wanted to know if there is anyone from Florida on here. If you're from the sunshine state give me a shout out. If you like you can also fill out the little questionaire I have on here about what I'd like to know. :) 


    What are you looking for?: I'm looking for someone that is kind, confident, a gentleman, intelligent, attractive, knows what he wants in life and goes for it. 


    Any special interests or hobbies?: I like to play the piano, and I also play the violin but I need to learn more. I've only been playing for about 4 years and the piano I've been playing since I was 11 lol. I like to write too, and read though lately I've been doing more writing. I'm addicted to Netflix! and I'm a bit of a gamer so if you're idea of a great afternoon is sitting on the couch with your girl playing a video game together, then you get points. <3 


    Idea of a perfect date:? I'm simple, take me out to a movie, then to dinner. Or let's stay in and have a movie night after dinner. But I do like the idea of doing something special like going for a boat ride or taking a class together. Surprise me.


    Career:? I have a piano and violin studio of about 20 students. I'm self employeed so that's my hustle among other side things at times.


    Anything more feel free to share, or ask ;)

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    I see no one is brave enough to write something...

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